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A compact solvent less machine designed under 3 concepts: simplicity, reliability and productivity
The laminating machine is considered as best way for industry requirements for high qualty process equipments by designing compact , its facility to use and its state-of-the-art controls makes it the ideal laminator for short and medium runs and for a wide variety of materials.

For special applications THE  laminating machine
Ideal for getting started in flexible packaging solvent less lamination.Adjustable lamination pressure and automatic tension monitoring.

Laminating machine

Shaftless hydraulic arms to lift bobbins used in unwinding and rewinding unit

Adjustable lamination pressure and automatic tension monitoring

Vapour section by fan

Servo Drivers

Automatic tension control

Automatic lift controlling

Automatic Lifting Control


  • Solventless coating head fully motorized Sleeved transfer roller Web guide sensor fully motorized Rollers lamination nip
  • A high technical solution to achieve a perfect lamination with aluminium, even with very thin gauges.
  • Fully integrated coating weigth control Solvent free adhesion Compact design and robust construction